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PyCon APAC 2012

PyCon APAC 2012 that was held on June 7th - 9th is over. Attended by all kinds of people from many parts of the world. It was a lovely and an eye opening experience.

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Django: Where does settings belong ?

Settings is very central to all Django applications. Django even barf if you
don't supply one and import any django modules or functions (most of it). The
way to specify settings to Django app however a bit awkward. Rather calling
some function and pass the settings to that function, Django …

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Vacancy: Full-time Junior Python/Django Web Developer

MARIMORE ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. develops and maintains Django/Python based web applications for our clients. We rely heavily on open source and at the same time try to contribute back to the community via open source code, documentation, monetary contribution or participation in open source events.

We believe in ROWE …

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