I first encountered this problem http://metaKamal%20Mustafa.blogspot.com/2011/05/django-transactioncommitmanually-mask.html 1 year ago and it look's like the issue still not being fixed till now. The corresponding ticket has been 5 years old already. When you used transaction.commit_manually decorator around your function (usually views function), you mark that function to be executed in single transaction but you'll manage the transaction control, whether to commit or rollback yourself. This in contrast to another related decorator transaction.commit_on_success where django will handle the commit or rollback depending on the function can be successfully executed or not.

Using transaction.commit_manually, there's usually a case when an exception occurred in the function uncaught causing the commit or rollback call not reached. When django detect this (because it see the dirty bit in the transaction object), it raise TransactionManagementError with the infamous message 'Transaction managed block ended with pending COMMIT/ROLLBACK'. The original exception however is buried inside the traceback and you have to dig it out in the order to find out the real issue. It's really annoying because sometime you have to disable the decorator in order to find out the real error.

Until the issue get fixed and we manage to upgrade to latest version of django (which unlikely to happen in the near future), I have decided to create a wrapper around transaction.commit_manually and use it instead of the original decorator.

I have also update the patch in the ticket to apply cleanly to current django trunk but so far no feedback yet from django core developers.

Kamal Mustafa

Kamal Mustafa


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