The best wishes for 2023 from Accrete and Xoxzo

I would like to extend my best wishes for the start of the New Year in 2023.
Since we have become a part of the Accrete Co., Ltd. group, a company which also develops SMS delivery services, this is our second New Year to celebrate together.

The characteristics of Xoxzo's service

It is the first time for me to send the New Year Regards in this way, and I want to talk about the difference between the services of our parent company, Accrete, and our service at Xoxzo.
In a nutshell, both Accrete's and Xoxzo's services are described with the same words as "SMS delivery services", so I would like to briefly talk about the differences and explain those in a simple way for those who are not sure about this.
Xoxzo's SMS delivery service is characterized by being "flexible" and "fast & easy”.
Flexible: Displays an alphabetical name, rather than a phone number as the SMS sender. Fast & easy: Credit card payment is supported and ready for immediate use.
This service is intended for users who want to use a "flexible" and "fast & easy" service.

The Xoxzonians

Also, Xoxzo is a small company with about 10 employees, but there are many different nationalities and we have people working from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Japan, and of course, customer support can be provided in both Japanese and English.
These members in one Xoxzo-team work in harmony to provide services to our users.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a "flexible" and "fast & easy" SMS delivery service.
My New Year greeting seems to be filled with service advertisements, but please expect our continuous hard work this year to provide a service that satisfies the users.

Yuta Ikeda

Yuta Ikeda


Inaugurated as the CEO of Xoxzo in October 2021. 30 years experience in the field of the information and telecommunication industry, from which he worked abroad in Malaysia and Thailand for 10 years, working at a trading company and a telecommunications company. As a member of the Accrete Group he will work together with the members of Xoxzo to provide services to help customers. In his spare time he is engaged in activities with the aim of realizing a multicultural society.