SecondLife in Osaka, Japan, operating recycling activity by providing more convenient preloved-goods-collection service as well as contribute to donations to emerging countries with the cost of vaccine to their children, uses Xoxzo SMS API to contact their clients with better assurance of their awareness instead of sending email notices.

A comment from SecondLife is as below.

We had issues of non-delivery of email contacts with our client which is essential in our business.

So our search has been made for the better method of communication with our clients as there are many of them even not contacting us about the non-delivery of our message, although some of them would.

We believe SMS is a convenient method for corporations to contact their clients as about 80% of access from the client in current world is made via mobile devices.

The best attractiveness of using SMS is "more assurance of message delivery".

We are currently building System API to auto-sending SMSs to our registered clients.


Company Name:SecondLife
Location:Osaka, Japan
Foundation:November, 2010

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

Customer Success and Operations

Joined January 2014. Experienced as a clerk in Foreign Trading company, started and maintained an online supplement store. Lived in overseas for 15 years. Looking forward to communicating our customers with the broad view based on those experience.