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Even non-developers are able to send SMS messages from the web using EZSMS. Now EZSMS has released a new function called Link-tracking which is also easy to use by clicking just one checkbox. This is a succession release of the same function released on Xoxzo API last October. (Related announcement)

You are able to see the recipient's reaction to your marketing messages!

How do you select the most cost-effective advertisement media? Printed brochure would cost you the design and printing plus the delivery and distribution.
Email marketing would reduce the costs but the recipients inbox might move it straight to your spam folder or the recipient might just delete it without ever opening it.
SMS messages delivers a high delivery rate + low cost messages

Is SMS marketing perfect? Unfortunately, this is not the case. 1. There is a limitation for the length of the text to fit in one message 2. It's not possible to analyze the direct reaction from the recipients

EZSMS has just released a new feature, Link-tracking to solve these minor problems of SMS marketing.

No matter how fantastic your service or product is, it is difficult to fit the description in 160 characters. The best way to reach your prospects with maximum sales power would be to include photos and even videos on top of colored and sized font messages. Then what happens in SMS is See the details in our website. You send that SMS to the phone numbers of your current customers, people who showed their interest at the exhibitions and events. SMS is the great way to do so, as the messages can be send to "mobile phone numbers", for which there is a smaller change for typos compared to email addresses. Please be aware that, you should be getting their approval of sending marketing messages when you acquire the numbers though.

Now, issue No.1 has been cleared.

So, You have sent a SMS message with the URL of the website that introduces your attractive service or product. What's next? Yes, you will send a special discount ticket to your prospects.

Is it OK to send the discount tickets to all thousands of numbers in the list, when considering the cost-effectiveness? Sending SMS messages is not for free. What you can do instead to optimize the power of SMS marketing is sending discount tickets to those who previously opened your message and clicked the link to your website, because they have showed their interest in your attractive service/products. This makes sense!

This is actually possible and easy to do on EZSMS. Use Link-tracking option on the first message sending. Later you download your log file to find which recipients has clicked the link in the message. This list will be more cost-effective for you, as if you have cleaned up your list!!

You see how easily you cleared issue No.2 as well.

Send SMS in bulk, from your browser!

Are you looking for a way to send bulk SMS messages using your web-browser? With EZSMS can do exactly this, and send SMS messages to a big group of people, such as a corporation or educational entities, to notify the recipients of important infortmation or emergencies. Link-tracking can be used for some of those messages in case you need the reaction of the recipients. Send the link for the web-form with link-tracking for example, so you can see who hasn't filled out the form by only downloading the log file. We hope this function can help you analyze the results of your SMS campaigns better.

How to use Link-tracking?

The only thing you have to do is ticking the Link-tracking option checkbox when you use web-sending. This release is for web-sending only, please look forward to select link-tracking with .csv sending and dialSMS for now. Please visit Help Center for more details.

How does it work?

The first URL in your message will be replaced by our private URL when you send link-tracking option SMS.
When a recipient clicks on the URL in your message, it is recorded.
You will find the record in the log file downloadable from the account page together with the sending status.


There are additional costs when using link-tracking on top of the standard SMS sending fee.

Please refer to the Pricing Page to find the current pricing.

How was the link-tracking feature created?

Link-tracking feature is developed to respond to our service users' voice.

Please stay tuned for more new releases in the near future.

Do you have your requests or issue to be solved? Please contact our Help Desk(

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Aiko Yokoyama

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