Hi this is Nonaka, who is having unquiet time as Rugby world cup 2019 is approaching.

I would like to introduce a monthly magazine that would be a definite delight for computer freaks called N Lambda Note. This is recommended by my Facebook friend and the Vol.1, No.1(2019) has:

  • TCP retransmission control mechanism (Nishida Yoshifumi)
  • What was “coroutine”? (Endo Keisuke)
  • How to walk MLOps (Yasuaki Ariga)

It is not as hard and fast as academic papers, nor is it too pragmatic article like how to use libraries and tools, it has readings of "just right".

What I wanted to read was the second reading, which is about "coroutine". It has been my aging question, "What this will be functioning for?" since when I read about "coroutine" in the textbook of algorithm quite many years ago.

Thus "coroutine" has been a bone stuck in my throat for a long time ever since then.

This article introduces that "coroutine" that I knew was called "Symmetric coroutine" and it was born before the concept of programming came up. How refreshed I feel now as my smouldering question has melted away!!

Actually, there has already been Vol.2 published and their index lines-up such interesting articles.

  • LISP 1.5 landscape (Shiro Kawai)
  • Deep learning from the viewpoint of computer science (Takeo Imai)
  • Quantum programming starting with Q # (Tanaka Takayoshi)

In case you are interested in reading this Japanese magazine, you can get it here.

Akira Nonaka

Akira Nonaka


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