Thank you for using Xoxzo, Cloud Telephony Platform and SMS delivery service, EZSMS.

Please let us inform you that the prefix +813 (Japan) number provision will be terminated in our DIN service.

Our DIN (Dial In Numbers) is to subscribe a phone number and set an action URL for the various choice that you want to do with the incoming calls, such as transferring the calls to your favorite phones, set an automated answering message and so on.

Also, as in our blog, you can prepare even more customized messages using TTS (text-to-speech) that enables you to reach your service user who has landline numbers and cannot cover with SMS messages.

On September 19, 2018, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan received a report from the Information and Communication Council (Chairman: Takeshi Uchiyamada, President of Toyota Motor Corporation) regarding "Information on Telephone Transfer Service to Use a Fixed Telephone Number" (Consultation No. 1228 dated April 10, 2018) after the Council consulted with the Telecommunications Business Policy Committee and Telecommunications Number Policy Committee of the Council as well as opinion collection was delivered from July 19, 2018 to August 22, 2018.

Based on the report, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to take necessary measures such as revising related laws and regulations.

Please refer the website of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for detailed information. (in Japanese)

Thus we reached the decision of termination of the +813 prefix number provision on our DIN APIs. Please wait for the further notices of the termination process, we will contact the users subscribing to this type of number.

Please note that DIN service continues with the other prefix numbers in Japan(+81), such as 0800, 0120 (Freecall) and 050 (IP phones) in the future too.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

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