Thank you for using Xoxzo Cloud Telephony Platform.

Xoxzo strives to improve the service on a daily basis so that users can utilize more and more powerful SMS delivery service.

AU (KDDI) carrier direct service that can use customizable sender ID has been the main K Premium Service so far, but we are pleased to inform you that this service is going to be renewed.

Please find the details of this updates as below. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk

What's new in K-premium Update?

Current Update to
Direct service with designated SenderID AU (KDDI) only AU & NTT Docomo
SenderID registration Free of charge 50,000 JPY / 1 ID / 30 days
K-premium Sending Cost 13 JPY / SMS 11 JPY / SMS
Registration of a SenderID 3 days 2 weeks

Steps to the renewal

By January 31, 2020 (Fri), review the future necessity of the SenderID registered at present.

After the change, a registration fee per sender ID will be incurred. Please review your current registered number (sender ID) and inform us of unnecessary SenderIDs by the above deadline so that no costs will be incurred for unused numbers.

From February 1 (Sat) to February 20 (Thu), new SenderID registration cannot be accepted.

Please note that new SenderID registration cannot be accepted during this time. There are no restrictions on continuing normal and current K-premium sendings.

February 20, 2020 (Thu) (* planned) Renewal service will start.

(* There is a possibility of delay due to congestion and other factors. In that case, we will notify you separately.)

  • For the sender ID used as of January 31 (Fri), billing for registration fee every 30 days will start.

  • The K-premium sending fee becomes 11 yen per SMS. It is a direct collection service for sending to AU (KDDI) and NTT DOCOMO, and SMS will be delivered to the recipients using the specified SenderID. (Sending to SoftBank will be unchanged)

  • Subsequent registration of the additional SenderID will take 2 weeks, so please contact us with a margin. Once you have registered, you will be charged a registration fee, and you will be charged a monthly registration fee every 30 days until you cancel.

  • Other than the SenderID registered as of January 31 are not available to use any longer without additional registration. In case of the additional registration, please note that the service will start after 2 weeks.

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