Thank for using EZSMS, international SMS delivery service & Xoxzo - Cloud Telephony.

We are glad to announce that on at around 8.00 pm on December 18, 2018, our EZSMS, which has been loved and demanded for 7 years since its launch, comes up to a new stage.

Please note that there maybe 5 min slight disruption on log in around 8pm (JST) during the release

Please take time to check out what is new in this release.

Both English & Japanese Available!

Finally EZSMS is available in English. EZSMS can be used by anyone for not only Japan but the whole world via web online. Yes, Foreign users in Japan can use this service as well of course. An extra benefit to use EZSMS in English is, we provide even Customer Support in both language as well. Please contact us in either language for any questions, consultation or requests for the new functions.

Scheduled Sending

SMS can be arrived in a few seconds after you sent. It is convenient but that is why the senders have to be careful for the timing of their sendings. EZSMS can now use ‘Schedule send’ for your convenience. Daily overloaded assignments might allow you to prepare the SMS message only at the mid-night hours, but you can set it to be send in the daytime on the next day!!

EZSMS looks even more friendly!!

You can send SMS using our Send via Web or CSV upload for bulk messages or customized messages as before. You will be amazed though for our upgraded User Interface, which provides not only the good looking but the simpler and easier use.

Create Sub-accounts

This is a brand-new feature. Now you can have multiple accounts under one Dashboard, get your sub-accounts to share the sending tasks. You can set the point limit that the sub accounts can use, and manage them in your main account. This is a feature only available to corporate users who has post-pay contract with us. Please contact HelpDesk with your account registered email address if you wish to use this. Please also note that this additional feature brought some new items in our Terms of Service. Please check here.

Functions for Developers

EZSMS API provision has been stopped in July this year prior to this EZSMS new release, such as:

  • OTA/API to send an SMS with temporally created email address and will authenticate the phone number when the email address receives an email. This authentication method is supported by our Patent No. 4961058
  • Carrier search API to check the carrier thatf a phone nuber belongs to. This API can be used by associated with your own application and/or system.
  • Codecall API can be used under the situation where a phone numbers that cannot receive SMS, such as landline etc Please all developers to visit to use our APIs service likewise above.

OK, then what exactly we can do on EZSMS now?

Here are 3 main features + 1 that you can enjoy with EZSMS now.

  1. SMS via web: Simple web form to send SMS. You can set the mobile number(s), SenderID (you set) and the body-text of your message… then just click the SEND button.
  2. SMS with CSV: Upload your csv with bulk sending recipients’ numbers or customisable contents to be inserted in the message. One simple Sending/Schedule Sending can do the bulk sending job for you.
  3. DialSMS: Subscribe to a dedicated number and set your message to provide. The mobile phone caller to this phone number will receive the message via SMS soon after the call, try this on-demand sending!!

(Plus 1) K-premium service: This feature needs pre-registration by a corporate user with consideration of preventing spam messaging. Using this feature, the SenderIDs you set for the sendings to Japanese carrier KDDI (au) will be displayed as you set for sure. Please contact us if you wish to use this.

Please contact us for any questions, or just log-in to your account to try our NEW EZSMS tomorrow!!

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

Customer Success and Operations

Joined January 2014. Experienced as a clerk in Foreign Trading company, started and maintained an online supplement store. Lived in overseas for 15 years. Looking forward to communicating our customers with the broad view based on those experience.