This is tool written in Golang ( It look similar to Fabric and also Ansible in certain aspect but I found it more flexible than Fabric and simpler than Ansible. Getting it is easy if you already have Golang environment on your computer. It just:-

go get -u

Next is to define the Supfile. It can be like this:-


        desc: Tailf local1
        run: tailf /var/log/local1
        desc: Interactive commands on all hosts
        stdin: true
        run: bash

Then to run command for example tailf on web servers:-

sup web tailf

We can also run command interactively on all servers. In sup file above, I defined command bash that should be run in interactive mode.

sup web bash

For now there's no prompt but you can actually start typing and press Enter. For example you can run:-

grep ERROR /var/log/local1 You'll get output:-

grep ERROR /var/log/local1 | kamal@web-01:~$ Jan 12 21:21:06 web-01 messaging.Sender.send(): ERROR: Sending failed for xxx0 user1: -2 HTTPSConnectionPool(host='sender2.local', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /h/send (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<requests.packages.urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x7ff769fe2c50>, 'Connection to sender2.local timed out. (connect timeout=10)'))

To quit, just type exit:-

kamal@web-01:50022 | kamal@web-01:~$ exit
kamal@web-01:22 | kamal@web-01:~$ kamal@web-01:~$ exit
kamal@web-02:22 | kamal@web-02:~$ kamal@web-02:~$ exit
kamal@web-02:22 | Process exited with status 1

Command can also being pipe instead typing interactively:-

echo 'grep ERROR /var/log/local1' | sup x4 bash


  1. If you let the interactive command idle for a while, it become unresponsive and you have to kill it.
  2. It not possible to move cursor to edit your command, you have to delete what you have typed so far.
  3. No command history.
Kamal Mustafa

Kamal Mustafa


Joined December 2010. Have been doing web development since early 2000 with classic ASP, then moved on to PHP and finally involved with Python/Django since joining Xoxzo Inc. During his spare time Kamal hacks various open source projects at github.