[Xoxzo] K-Premium service V2 will cover all Japanese operators

Thank you for using Xoxzo, Cloud Telephony Platform.

We are excited to announce that our K-Premium service will be upgraded on 5th Dec 2017.


Originally, the current K-Premium service was released in 2013, as an optional feature for our sister SMS API service SMS Delivery Service, EZSMS.

Although requiring registration and an approval before use, K-Premium has been a popular optional service because it allows you to set the sender id and uses a direct route for KDDI recipients.

The upgrade to be released for K-Premium service will allow direct connections to all Japanese operators, and not only limited to KDDI.

The major points of this upgrade are:

  • Sendings to ALL Japanese operators are to be direct, not just to KDDI
  • Sendings to Docomo/Softbank using K-Premium will set a fixed SenderID despite the set sender with jp_kddi_sender
  • 13 credits will be deducted for an each K-Premium SMS sent.

Please also note:

  • The parameter to use K-Premium will not be changed. Please continues using the K-Premium flag jp_kp and set your sender id with jp_kddi_sender. jp_kddi_sender will still be used when sending to KDDI.

We expect increased delivery rates to Japanese numbers with this upgrade.

Please feel free to contact us at (help@xoxzo.com) to inquire any further information or assistance concerning this upgrade.