Now that we managed to send an SMS in the previous article, you'll notice that we get a msgid string in return after we run the CURL command, like this: [{"msgid":"tHi5i5y0urMsGIdt3xT"}]. If we get that, we sent the SMS correctly, otherwise the return message would've been different. But how do we know if the SMS was actually received?

SMS checking command

We'll still use CURL to check the SMS status, similar to how we sent an SMS. The difference will be in the parameters we provide and the URL.

To check on the status of your SMS, run this:

curl -u th3ApISiDt3xtTh4tyoUcoPied:Th3aUthT0k3nth4tY0uCopi3D \

If everything is OK, you should be getting a JSON response like so:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "status": "DELIVERED",
    "sent_time":"2015-08-27 09:22:32",
    "cost": 10,
    "sender": "your_number",
    "recipient": "your_recipientnumber",
    "url": "",
    "msgid": "tHi5i5y0urMsGIdt3xT"

Of course, the cost will depend on which number you are sending too. You can get the pricing details here: SMS Pricing

The SMS statuses are in this list:

Status Details
QUEUED Message put into queue and will be delivered shortly
DELIVERED Message successfully delivered
DELIVERING Sending message in progress
FAIL Failed to send message

What if I didn't put in my msgid?

Sending something like this:

curl -u th3ApISiDt3xtTh4tyoUcoPied:Th3aUthT0k3nth4tY0uCopi3D \

Would give you the status of all the SMS that you sent within 90 days.

There's a lot of stuff on my screen! Can I get statuses by date?

Sure! You can include a date parameter to get your SMS statuses on the day (date format is year-month-day), something like this:

curl -u th3ApISiDt3xtTh4tyoUcoPied:Th3aUthT0k3nth4tY0uCopi3D \

If you didn't send an SMS during that period, it will still return a 200 OK response, but it'll be empty:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json


You only can get statuses within 90 days of the current date. Otherwise, you will get this response:

HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json

    "sent_date": [
        "Invalid sent_date"

You'll also get a 400 Bad Request response if your parameters are incorrect.

And that's it! There are more details in our SMS documentation which you can check out as well!

Check out our docs to see what cool things you can do with our API.

Until next time!