Welcome aboard to Xoxzo! Now you'll be able to send SMS, make phone calls and many more by using our API. But before you could do that, you would need an API key and token to get going. So where can you get those?

What is an API user?

To begin with, each API key and token comes from an API user. You can think of the API user as a virtual user that is using your account to do stuff. You can have more than one API user and each of them may be customized according to your needs.

Let's Create an API user!

It's simple to create an API user. Simply log in.

And in your profile page you'll see a button labeled "+ADD API USER"


Simply click on it and name your API user next.

And that's it!

You'll be able to see your API key, which you can highlight and copy paste easily. By default, your token will be hidden, but you can show it by clicking on the "SHOW TOKEN" button.

But what else can you do with it?

By clicking on the pencil icon, you can edit your API user's name as well as limit the usage by specifying IP's and CIDR ranges in the White List IP Addresses box. If you want to remove the access restriction, you can always remove the White List later.


Check out our docs to see what cool things you can do with our API.