Thank you for your continuous support for Xoxzo Cloud Telephony Platform.

On February 16, 2017, Xoxzo released a new rebate function for DIN (Dial-in-Numbers) for subscribed numbers released within 24 hours of subscription.

The Dial In Number standard subscription plan has up until now only supported a fixed 30-day subscription rate, which is automatically renewed every 30 days. This new additional functionality will refund a certain amount of credits to your account if the acquired number is released within 24 hours of subscription.

We are responding to customer requests to allow for a more flexible pricing for DINs during their development phase to integrate DINs to their system, or for specific use cases like authentication where the DINs are only used for a short period of time.

The details of the rebates and it's amount can be found here

Detailed instructions on how to use DIN can be found in the API documentation

Thank you once again for using Xoxzo Cloud Telephony Platform.

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Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

Customer Success and Operations

Joined January 2014. Experienced as a clerk in Foreign Trading company, started and maintained an online supplement store. Lived in overseas for 15 years. Looking forward to communicating our customers with the broad view based on those experience.