Iqbal, Zaki, Aman, and I have recently returned from participating in IIXS 2019 in Jakarta. The exhibition ran from 26th to 28th September 2019 (Thursday to Saturday), and we arrived early on 25th to set up the booth and the demonstration.

Xoxzo at IIXS

It was our first demonstration on TTS (text-to-speech) for the Indonesian language (ID) incorporated into our voice and telephony utility APIs. Our team members Akira, Arthur, Josef, and Kamal had been working hard to enable this new feature.

Xoxzo at IIXS

In its fourth installment, IIXS is relatively small, having roughly over 30 exhibitors. Nevertheless, Jakarta Convention Center was a popular venue for trade shows, we witnessed the hotel week, the property show, and the fabric exhibition happening right next to IIXS.

Xoxzo at IIXS

During the 3-day exhibition, we had conducted roughly 100 sessions of voice call with text-to-speech demonstration for our visitors, and sent out around 20 sms in demonstration. We had also exchanged close to 50 business cards with our visitors. As an appreciation for the time they took to understand our products, we had sent out 1000 free credits to visitors who had signed up at our booth, as well as those who left a business card.

Xoxzo at IIXS

Visitor volume was steady throughout Thursday, and Friday afternoon; We experienced low volume on Friday morning and throughout Saturday; the booths were usually more crowded immediately after a conference has just ended, due to conference audience visiting the booths at the same time.

Among the visitors, we had an earnest visitor working on e-commerce for industrial ventilation products who had a discussion with Zaki, myself, and then Iqbal, lasting more than half an hour. Iqbal also had visitors responding to our personal invitation and had a productive discussion at the meeting table.

Miss Internet Indonesia took place at the summit venue of IIXS on Friday night, we saw the rehearsal in the late afternoon, but did not stay back for the actual event which took place at night.

Miss Internet Indonesia

On a side note, on 26 Sep the team also attended a meetup organized by DevOps Indonesia, titled How containerization and infra as code can leverage your DevOps.

DevOps Indonesia meetup

If you had missed our product demonstration at the event, please feel free to try out our product demo online from the comfort of your desk or couch.

Ai Sin Chan


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