The Laravel Community of Malaysia: Laravens

Starting from October of this year, I've been attending a local Laravel user group community which calls themselves Laravens. It was an experience unlike any other.

Image courtesy of Laravens

They started from a small community but now after consistently hosting meetups they coined as Laratalks monthly, they have gained a constant traction of over 50 members consistently.

After talking to the organizers, Ajay and Aiyas, they started out small with Laravel centric topics but they diversified their topics over time. They're open to new ideas and new ways to implement and use Laravel.

Image courtesy of Laravens

Most impressive is the speed at how they organize the monthly meetups. Notices and Peatix tickets went up two weeks after an event just concluded for the next one, not to mention that there's enough food for everyone as well.

Image courtesy of Laravens

It's going to be an interesting year starting with them from January onwards. Learning a new framework is fascinating, to say the least, with the group offering good support and camaraderie through their meetups.

Abdul Rahman Ibrahim


Joined August 2014. Previously from the VFX industry and worked on Hollywood movies. Utilized Python, Perl and various other proprietary scripts to design, arrange and maintain the production pipeline which heavily involves automating workflows, data conversion, process scheduling and machine rendering management in a Linux environment.

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