Google once again jumps forward with another push for technological advancement along with creative uses. We at Xoxzo are open fans of any kind of experiment that companies try with voice-based applications, so of course, we are always happy with initiatives such as Voice Experiments.

Currently, the project tackles different ways to explore music, games, storytelling, and even a meme creator. The one that really caught my attention though was MixLab.


MixLab helps you create music using only voice commands. No need to code, no need for deep musical knowledge. It’s not even necessary to know how to play an instrument, being enough to just have some knowledge of musical terms.

Someone more cynical might accuse Google of attempting to push the sales of its Google Home, but you can actually play with Voice Experiments through Google Assistant on your phone and even with only your Chrome browser.

Of course, we are still living the early days of voice-activated commands, but it’s always refreshing to see big companies losing it up in the creative process and trying different things.

You can check all experiments visiting the Voice Experiments site, but in the meantime please watch the video about MixLab.

If you want to implement voice application on your app, we suggest you check our API. If you register now we’ll even give you free credits to explore it, so click here and check it right away!


Geraldo Figueras

Geraldo Figueras


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