Utilizing IT technology to provide a variety of financial services and developing its Fintech business, ThreePro Agency has begun providing a settlement solution through the use of SMS. We have asked the person in charge, Mr. Ohmura, how they are utilizing XOXZO’s SMS sending API.

Q: What kind of business are you using XOXZO’s SMS sending API for?

Mr. Ohmura: In July, we started a new service called “Mail-order LINKS,” targeting mail-order businesses. This service combines the new order and repeat business solicitation calls that they handle at the Contact Center together with a SMS payment receiving service, “Payment Mail,” in a single package. It is in this “Payment Mail” that we are utilizing XOXZO’s platform.

Ohmura-san_01(Above) Mr. Riichi Ohmura. ThreePro Agency, Inc. New Business Development Office, Chief Organizer

Q: Specifically, when would you use “Payment Mail”?

Mr.Ohmura: In internet sales, they often provide introductory products at special prices, but there are many cases where the payment hasn’t been collected. Also, in cases of post-pay, some customers miss to make payment. Up until now, in addition to the telephone and e-mail, they were sending payment due reminders via DM. However, this costs on labor and so on.

Q: So now is it time for SMS?

Mr.Ohmura: Yes, that’s right. By using SMS, we can reduce costs, and on top of that, we can guide them through from overdue notice to credit card settlement in a seamless smooth manner. Additionally, it’s an advantage that when you receive SMS, it pops up on the screen of a smart phone or feature phone. DMs are often discarded without reading, but SMS are more likely opened compared to Direct Mails. Because SMS is more reachable and more being read, it reduce the risk of being unpaid.

Q: I see. Now then, why did you select XOXZO?

Mr.Ohmura: I met XOXZO’s CEO, Mr. Iqbal through an introduction from a systems company. Mr. Iqbal planted the seeds for business in Japan, laid the groundwork, and has been expanding his business. I imagine he encountered many difficulties, but I was most impressed by his positive attitude. While there were many competitors who handled API for SMS transmission, Mr. Iqbal honestly said “You can look forward to our continuous development” instead of begging “Please use our API platform” That left a lasting impression on me.

Q: How was XOXZO’s response to you?

Mr.Ohmura: The staff at XOXZO are all very pleasant to deal with. We haven’t even met our main contact, Ms. Yokoyama, in person, only via e-mail, but she understood our intentions, and her responses were right on target. Even when discussing technical issues, we felt the connection was person to person. I felt that the staff had inherited Mr. Iqbal’s belief that “at the other end of technology is a live human being.”


Q: In addition to mail-order businesses, how do you plan to develop API using SMS sending?

Mr.Ohmura: We are thinking about applying it to regional vitalization by targeting local governments as a start. Technically, it would be possible to send local government notices, unpaid tax notices, and disaster information via SMS. Additionally, we will be expanding the cashless and cardless settlement platform utilizing 2D barcodes, a trend in mobile settlement in settlement-advanced countries, in both domestic and international markets. We are thinking of utilizing API with SMS sending in those systems, as a package. Elsewhere, we are also interested in XOXZO’s Voice API service. We don’t have specific plans for how to utilize that, but going forward, we’d like to continue discuss with XOXZO about what are possible, and enhance each other as we coexist and prosper together.

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