MARIMORE Inc. changed it's trading name to Xoxzo Inc. on September 30, 2015

Xoxzo Inc.

We, formerly known as MARIMORE Inc, has been on the development of both SMS sending systems and Telephony systems.

Our continuous consideration and care to the customers' demand built up our own policy as well as leading us towards creating products that are easier and more convenient.

Going forward, we will keep on creating and developing Cloud Telephony solutions connecting the phone and the web, not only for the Japanese market but the world. To achieve this, we will continue our challenge in search of new inspiration, technology and initiatives. We will also continue striving to stay engaged and contributing to the society and community we're involved in.

Thank you for your kind support, and watch this space!

Iqbal Abdullah, CEO Xoxzo Inc.

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

Customer Success and Operations

Joined January 2014. Experienced as a clerk in Foreign Trading company, started and maintained an online supplement store. Lived in overseas for 15 years. Looking forward to communicating our customers with the broad view based on those experience.