Thank you very much for your continuous support for Xoxzo Cloud Telephony Platform and SMS Delivery API Service EZSMS.

We’re pleased to announce that Xoxzo acquired a patent for Server System, SMS receiving system, as well as the control method and program of servers utilized by our SMS messages API. This patent was granted on August 20th, 2020.


The patent system that protects technology is an "intellectual property right." The Patent Office protects ideas and inventions created by technology development, which is useful in the world as property.

While the patent system allows inventors to monopolize inventions, it is a system that promotes new technological development with hints as it publishes its invention instead. Indeed, it can be said that the patent system is one of the pillars supporting Japan's economic growth.

The patent granted will mostly be used for Xoxzo’s Receive SMS message API. With this APi you can easily subscribe to SMS In Numbers (SIN) that are the local numbers (DID) to receive SMS with. When an incoming message is received at one of these numbers, API makes a POST request to a URL you specify, sending incoming message received data.

We at Xoxzo hope that our technology will help to build more business security & communication and revitalize the current and the future application development.

Jocelyn ter Morsche

Jocelyn ter Morsche


Joined August 2020. Majored in Japan Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands and previously worked as a social media marketer in Tokyo. Describes her marketing approach as data-driven, yet creative.