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I hope everyone is OK: both physically and mentally OK. Lately, it's been a hard time for us with this corona virus pandemic situation. Although I've been doing this WFH (Work From Home) for around 5 years, the situation is not the same before the pandemic.

Long story short, before this pandemic, I had a chance to join a sprint on Python Pandas documentation. The event was held on February 15, 2020 at Mozilla Community Space, Jakarta. Marc Garcia, one of pandas core contributor was there on sprint.

Jakarta Pandas Documentation Sprint Situation

I could say, the event was very well-organized. Python ID announced it on twitter. There were some information and requirements about the sprint. After that, we had to fill a form and write down why the organizer should pick us as one of the sprint attendees.

At first, I was thinking this kind of form with the reason why the organizer should pick us, is about too much. I was thinking that this kind of event should be opened for everyone on any level. With this kind of form, we're putting some kind of barrier.

I was picked as one of the sprint attendees and later on, I figured it out the reason why the organizer needs to have this form. It is because the space is not big enough to accommodate more than 25 people.

One of the organizers was Galuh Sahid. From what I read on her blog, I could see that Galuh is really keen on contributing to open source.

So, Galuh presented how we're gonna do the sprint. From setting up the environment, forking the repo, finding which pandas documentation that is easy to improve for a beginner, and finally making the pull request.

Jakarta Pandas Documentation Sprint Photo Group

I managed to created a few pull requests and have it merged. Since I don't use Python Pandas in my daily work, I don't know a lot about this library. Overall, I was quite happy attending this sprint. Because sometimes, you just need to meet people - in person - when most of the time you work remotely.

Zaki Akhmad

Zaki Akhmad


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