The Annual Open Source grant

Spring is here, and amid the current bleak situation around the world due to the pandemic, it is time for us to announce our grant recipients for 2020.

If you're not familiar with our Annual Open Source grant program, you can read the post for our initial grant here.

You can also read about the recipients for last year's grant.

Grant recipients for 2020

For 2020, we have allocated USD2,584 to be distributed among different open source projects. Out of that, USD1,584 was distributed to projects chosen by the engineering team, while USD1,000 was specially granted to the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

Python Software Foundation (PSF)

PyCon 2020 was canceled by the PSF due to the escalation of the COVID19 pandemic in the United States. The yearly PyCon conference contributes a substantial sum to the running of the PSF, which also includes grants to Python infrastructure projects that all of us rely on. The cancellation of PyCon 2020 will impact directly the work of the PSF.

We use Python in all of our products, and the Python community including the PSF has also supported us since we started over 13 years ago. As a show of support to the important work that the PSF does, we have committed to contribute USD1,000 to help the PSF in what little way we can through these tough times.

Donation to the PSF

Caddy webserver

We donated a total of USD300 (USD25 x 12 months) to the project through Matt Holts's GitHub Sponsors program.

Caddy is an exciting open source project. Taking a new look at a decade-old paradigm on how webserver supposed to work. The config file syntax is refreshing and automatic https is super handy. While we’re not using it in production yet, we wish the time will come soon, especially with the new caddy2 release. For now, we use it to help in our development environment. Try to search "poor man ngrok"

Donation to Caddy via Matt Holts


We have contributed USD300 through Justin Mayer for the Pelican Dev Team who is maintaining the project.

Well, Pelican is the reason you’re reading this very blog post. We think it's instrumental to try to make the donation an annual ritual.

Donation to Pelican via Justin Mayer


We donated a total of USD384 (USD32 x 12 months) to the project through Daniele Varrazzo's GitHub Sponsors program.

For any application out there that uses postgresql (with python), then psycopg doesn’t need any introduction. It’s what connecting python to the most advance open source RDBMS in the world. We use psycopg to implement a queue system based on postgresql.

Donation to psycopg via Daniele Varrazzo

Django REST Framework (DRF)

We have allocated USD600 (USD50 x 12 months) for Django REST Framework (DRF) by subscribing to their basic plan for the whole year.

We donated to DRF in 2018 and we still actively using it, so it's time for another round of showing support to this magnificent open-source project.

Donation to Django REST Framework

P.S: Thank you to Beth Kanter for the open-source your love thumbnail.

Iqbal Abdullah

Iqbal Abdullah


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