Ideas for software, product, service

First of all, you need to decide, what exactly you want, what's your goal. I think in most cases it is to receive income. But also it may be a non-commercial project, open-source, which will help others. It may be a product or service to impress your friends, or a game for children, or just project to improve programming skills and Github profile by the way. Just remember, that your product must be useful. After determining the goal, do a brainstorming. Reserve 1-2 hours for this purpose, without interruptions and distractions. Turn on your creativity, it's important not to use patterns. E.g. you want to create a website, which will bring you money. You can create new Facebook, but honestly, this won't bring you profit, you need something else in another niche. You may change your opinion, and instead of the website create something analogical for virtual reality, or if you still want a website, then try to create a Facebook for pets. You get the point. Write down all ideas, then discuss them with friends whom you trust, and who can be objective. Together you'll filter the list, drop bad ideas, or add new ones. Finally, you'll choose one. If you still don't have an idea after brainstorming, postpone it for a while, for several days or weeks. Often idea or solution comes itself, after hard work on finding it. Just relax, forget about it, speak to people, and once a brilliant idea will come.

Finding solutions for tasks

When you think about an issue solution, no need to invent a bicycle, and first of all need to think about how to solve a similar task and try to solve it yourself. If you not sure, ask help for more experienced people, or google it, since there's already written solutions for trivial tasks. What to do, if a solution is not found? If so, need to work on it collectively. Ideally, if these people would be from different fields in programming, operations. With joint efforts of professionals, you can always find a good idea, solution. However, it's important to become a pro yourself too. Need to visit meetups, go to conferences, to be interested in trends and new technologies, speak to colleagues, constantly gain knowledge. All of this will help you solve tasks faster, be smarter and more creative. Often a man is not glad with idea, or solution, and tries to make it perfect, losing time. If you make your project for customers, don't need to bother, focus on make it work, in a short time. The core of a product must be good, rest can be improved in free time.

Arthur Sultanbekov

Arthur Sultanbekov


Joined January 2017. A geophysician in past, but decided that web is more interesting for him. Previous work was at small Russian telephony company. Learning python/Django and Javascript languages, web development and Linux administration.