New to Python and wish to start learning it?

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Join us in an introductory workshop conducted by StudiMY on 101 Beginning Python, the first part of the beginner series. 

The workshop is held on January 26, 2019 at Sandbox Coworking Space.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction

  • Data Types

  • Variables, Statement & Expression

  • Flow Control

  • Functions

  • String Manipulation

  • Summary

You will be working on this.

Our team have been using Python, Django and common best practices for web and systems development for over a decade. We also participate in the yearly PyCon Malaysia as speakers, organizers and also sponsors.

Register for the workshop here.

Ai Sin Chan

Ai Sin Chan


Joined April 2018. Trained and grew with telco engineers in 16 countries spanned over 4 continents, and written more than 10 manuals in the process. Spent a decade specializing in mobile technology. Crafts her creation with passion.