We Xoxzo proudly announce that we are sponsoring PyCon Kyushu 2018 that is to be held on June 30, 2018.

Based on the experience we have joined series of PyCons within Asia Pacific region, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, we are sure to make this event even more successful.

This is what we can find on Pycon Kyushu 2018 website.

During recent years, interest in subjects such as machine learning and deep learning has been growing. This will be the first conference in Kyushu to be held on the subject of the Python programming language. As a consequence, the theme of the conference this year is Prologue. The event volunteer staff are working hard to to create an event where everybody, from Python beginners to Python experts, >can be inspired by the idea of a Prologue; of a beginning.

We Xoxzo will attend as a Gold Sponsor. On the day our Evangelist Akira Nonakawill give a talk about HORSE RACE DATA Analysis with python. (the speech language is Japanese)

Please see more details by visiting PyCon Kyushu website. We are looking forward to see you there in Kumamoto.

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

Customer Success and Operations

Joined January 2014. Experienced as a clerk in Foreign Trading company, started and maintained an online supplement store. Lived in overseas for 15 years. Looking forward to communicating our customers with the broad view based on those experience.