The Fintech Association of Japan (FAJ) promotes open innovation in the Japanese fintech industry by creating networking opportunities for its members, researching emerging market trends, and cooperating with domestic, international, and government organizations. The Association promotes the Japanese fintech ecosystem abroad and encourages the exchange of information internationally. (from their website)

Yes, the word of Fintech is made from Finance and Technology. Xoxzo's SMS APIs are greatly used for two factor authentication as SMS has high in reaching out as well as opening rates, on top of its reliability using one and only mobile phone numbers that belong to one individual. Needless to say that SMS APIs are utilized in many other area of business such as marketing, appointment reminders, notification and much more.

We won't spend a day without hearing the word of Online Security these days. They say it is not secure to use only a pair of Account name and Password to log into an online account because the password data can be stolen, be leaking at anytime quite easily. To add more Strong Protection, the method to access the accounts using OTP (One Time Passcode) being sent to a mobile phone or to a key-fob as another password together with the original password that is held within the head of the account holder is now spreading widely.

This is used for the log ins of SNS or Email accounts, not only for the accounts of Financial accounts in Fintech Industry.

Xoxzo provides VOICE API with TTS (Text to Speech) to enable Non-Mobile phone holders can receive the OTP via their landline call by READ OUT VOICE. This will help the developers in Fintech Industries to build the applications and web-systems that would not limit the users to mobile phone users.

If you are new to Xoxzo, please visit HELLO XOXZO to look and feel what our APIs offer!

Aiko Yokoyama

Aiko Yokoyama

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