Since Xoxzo has a topic to get involved in the local community, I have been wondering what I could do. As a sole parent of two active children, it is hard for me to find spare time for even myself. How can I do?

When my younger child started primary school this April, one of the parents there asked to join "Popcorn". "Popcorn" is just a group in local community who wishes our local children to be more aware on joy of reading. They have about 15 people from young to old, ladies and gentlemen with various occupation. Every fortnight Wednesday morning, 7 of them prepare some books and visit the local primary school (only one in the area) and read a book or two to the class.

This is the blog of the school when they had "Popcorn" visit in this March.

I knew the activity of this group for quite a while but have never thought of joining, although I totally agree with the purpose of what they are on. Estimated from the number of the group, I presume what I do will be just spare not even 1 hour a month to read to the children. Of course I would need to go to the library ("Popcorn" member can borrow books without the library card!!) and select appropriate books, and how lovely it should be!

So... I signed up.

It was my first "Popcorn" day yesterday but not for reading yet. I met and greeted the members and got assigned to my first reading time on June 20th. Until then, I can come to the "Popcorn" days to see how the others do with the children.

My first observation time yesterday was in Grade One class, a female "Popcorn" reader brought her handmade KAMI-SHIBAI show. She introduced these new students "what is "Popcorn"" in the show.

How Kami-shibai looks can be referred here.

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