From 24th Feb to 25th Feb 2018, PyCon Phillipines was held in Makati City, Metro Manila. Part of the Xoxzo engineering team travelled from different parts of the world to attend and contribute to the event. We reached Makati Manila, a day before to be all geared up for the conference.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Main Theme

The first keynote speaker was Dr. Erika Fille Legara, who spoke about how Python as a language helps Scientists like her to do complex computations, and get results quicker.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Keynote1

Group Lunches were done for people to discuss on various topics and interact with each other.

PyCon PH 2108 XOXZO Group Lunch

The next keynote speaker was Al Sweigart who explained the importance of interacting with people in the conference. He gave examples of how games have developed over the years, how older games like Atari’s Adventure was not designed well to Nintendo’s Mario which was designed by designers. And how interaction is important between people having different roles & backgrounds.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Keynote2

Lightning Talks were held on the second day, with a total of 18 Speakers. I started the Lightning Talk session with a talk on how to build simple chatbots.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Lightning1

There was a final keynote by Younggun Kim speaking about the APAC Python Community, and how it has progressed over the years.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Keynote3

The day ended with a discussion between different PyCon Organizers in the APAC Community.

PyCon PH 2018 XOXZO Discussion

A few of us joined PyConPH organizers the next day for an excursion in Tagaytay, to the south of Manila.

PyCon APAC 2017 XOXZO Main Theme

All in all the experience in PyCon PH was a nice one. It is always nice to meet people from the community, hear their thoughts out, and get motivated for the Problems we are solving.

Shauryadeep Chaudhuri

Shauryadeep Chaudhuri


Joined July 2017. Major in Computer Science Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology. Has worked across different development stacks in the past. Loves the aesthetics of Python as a programming language. An avid traveler, tries to travel as much as possible.