I visited Japan to attend the OSC Tokyo 2018 Spring. It was held at Meisei University, Hino Campus on February 23rd and 24th. As this was my first time to participate in a conference abroad, I was quite excited when heading for the conference venue.


Xoxzo had a booth to demonstrate voice calls and SMS transmission. There were many visitors ranging from students to developers. They were able to see the actual code working, and learn about various use cases.

As a designer, to see the response of our potential users motivated me to make more intuitive design. It was a nice opportunity to learn what users thought about our product, and what further technology they were looking for.


Meanwhile, our evangelist Akira Nonaka made a lightning talk about “Xoxzo’s Lifestyle”, and a lecture titled "How to utilize the Telephony APIs to support Multi-Factor Authentication and SMS Marketing for beginners".


On the evening of the 23rd, there was a social dinner gathering. Contrary to the calm air of daytime, I was able to feel a festive note. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party. Even though I cannot speak Japanese well, I met with many pleasant people and had a great time. I think I could somewhat feel the atmosphere of the Japanese developer community.


Overall, it was a special and inspiring experience for me. I wish I could have more opportunities like this. I'm sure that we will come back next time with better ideas and technologies.


Hyejeong Park

Hyejeong Park

User Experience

Joined November 2016. Major in Visual Design at Seoul National University. Previously worked as an UI designer for iOS app. Interested in both design and web development. Loves beautiful UI, clean Web, and Python/Django.